The SilverSmart Tech Method

Think about it. As the last analog generation struggles to find their way into the digital world, we owe it to them to show them in. After all, this hard-working bunch set the foundations before us.

SilverSmart Tech answered the call, and created a unique educational method that has already taken thousands of participants 50+ through a digital journey to help them turn their smartphones and tablets into powerful tools to reap the benefits of the digital era.

The Enhanced Aging TechEd Program™ breaks the chains of isolation and empowers baby boomers to take control of their daily living. It gives them a stimulating perspective and clear path towards a better quality of life.

Participants learn to connect with loved ones regardless of distance to build an effective emotional support group and meet other participants. 

By combining apps and accessories, they are able to prevent and manage health conditions. They also gain the freedom to enjoy their favorite writers, singers, actors, athletes or historical figures and, even find answers to any subject in less than one second.

The SilverSmart Tech offers technology courses to organizations, groups and individuals. Its team of educators and technologists is constantly working to create new courses, including customized workshops for specific institutional needs.

The Program is also available in Spanish at

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