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Helping you enjoy an active and fun lifestyle! You will:

  1. experience a learning and understanding process in a friendly and supportive environment that will help you to get rid of any fear of technology and motivate you to continue on your journey to become an integral part of the digital world. 

  2. learn how to use communication, social networking and video-calling applications to combat loneliness and keep connected with your grandchildren, children, family, and friends regardless of distances. In addition, you will meet other SilverSmart participants in your area.

  3. develop skills to find interesting information, cultivate your interests and create hobbies that promote greater mental agility.

  4. gain an insight into how to use digital applications and equipment to stay physically active and manage health conditions efficiently.

  5. achieve a high level of satisfaction as you become familiar with your device and start enjoying your favorite singers, actors and athletes.

  6. discover new things, activities, people, information and entertainment and expand your horizons.

  7. find motivation to look for news and information of interest, to travel around the world virtually and to explore new possibilities, made possible by constant technological advances.

Join the thousands of SilverSmart "techies" who already enjoy an active and stimulating lifestyle, connected to their loved ones and the world.


Call today: Toll free (856) 397-9322

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